Community Event - Sumas Mountain Cleanup
May 31, 2003

Written by Jarett.

On May 31 we headed up to Sumas Mountain to help with a cleanup of the area that was organized by Jared Taylor and Allison Swartzenberger. They contacted the FRVD to get the OK and support for the cleanup, and also went to local business and got some prizes to be given away at the end of the day.

Sumas Mtn has been closed to the public during weekdays because of garbage dumping up there. Most of the garbage removed (enough to fill a one and a half industrial dumpsters) was obviously dumped by locals who were too lazy or cheap to go to the dump.

About 40 4wheelers showed up to help with the cleanup. Reporters from two news papers also showed up. They did a couple nice writeups of the event. To read the stories, click the links below.

The Abbotsford Times

The Abbotsford News

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