Community Event- Car Wash For The Share Society Food Bank
October 20, 2002

Written by Steve R.

The club came together for our second charity related Community event in the form of a Club hosted car wash with 50 percent of the donations going directly to the Share Society's Food Bank for needy families in the Tri- Cities Area.

The day started slowly enough as it took awhile for the group to Get Your Sponge Bath Right Herefigure out how to best attract donators. By mid day we had a pretty steady flow with members alternating between the various jobs.

One would spend time on the wash crew then move out to the street side and work at getting in more donators or help tend the children or cash box. We also had a cookie table set up to lure hungry donators to dig a little deeper into their pockets.

Near the end of the day, the street workers had become so proficient at Winding Downconvincing donators to get their vehicles washed that they had to stop to let the wash crew catch up. We would have three vehicles on the wash with one waiting and that was pretty much all the area could handle.

At days end, our Club had brought in $228.00 and we thank the local folks for their donations. Without continued support for efforts like this one, the food bank has to work a lot harder to meet the special needs of the community.

Special thanks goes to Mr. Lee Eden owner of the location that allowed us to set up our donation drive and to the Club members that donated their time and sweat to making it all happen.

The Wash Gang
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