Event Report- Club Hosted Food Run And Hot Dog Sale
November 17, 2002

Written by Sean M.

The club came together for our third charity related Community event in the form of a Club hosted Hotdog Sale / Food Drive with 100% of the donations going directly to the Share Society's Food Bank for needy families in the Tri- Cities Area.

The day started around 10:30am as the members that show up early had to figure out where to put everything. By around 11:00am the other members finally started to show up.

As the day went on, we all had our regular jobs to do around the site. One would fetch hotdog's as someone else would make sure the cookers had their supplies to deal with all paying customers. Darcy's oldest Daughter handled the cash drawer while Debra and Bonnie did the cooking.

Thanks again ladies for a job well done. You managed to do it better then the guys would have by a long shot!

Still the guys chatting guyshad to do something, so we started chatting with the people that wanted to buy hotdog's and answering question that needed to be answered about our Club and our vehicles.

At days end, our Club had brought in $315.00 and about 100 lbs. of food. We would like to thank the local folks and the Weekend Warriors 4x4 club for their donations.

Special thanks goes to Save On Foods for the location and allowing us to set up our food drive and to the Club Members that donated their time to making it all happen.
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